How much is your property worth?

How much is your property worth?

There are several factors that, combined together, allow us to obtain the most appropriate value for the sale of a property. We list for you the criteria we consider when evaluating a property.


 The location is one of the most decisive parameters in evaluating and determining the price of a property, and is an immutable factor in calculating its total value. It is expected that a property with a better location will remain with a stable value in the market and possibly increase in value over time. The proximity to public transportation, access to health services, educational institutions, and a good cultural and leisure offer are some extremely important factors in the rise of the sale price of the property.



 In the caderneta predial (property booklet) you will find the areas of the property, which are important in calculating the final price - calculated per m2 - see below what each area means:

LAND area

Space for community access, both by residents and visitors. Examples of common areas: lobbies, gardens, circulation, leisure areas, swimming pools, courts.

Private area

The internal area of an apartment demarcated by walls. Including the garage and the walls themselves.

gross area

The usable area is considered the private space, the interior of the property in which you live, and is the sum of each area of the internal environments. Garages and balconies are not included. Unlike the private area, the usable area does not include walls.



The older the year in which the property was built, the lower its market value will be. Although this factor is mostly linear, there are some exceptions: if the state of conservation is very good, if it has undergone renovation recently or has historical episodes, its value will be enhanced due to these aspects.



The typology of a property refers to the number of rooms in a house, as well as the structure and division of the areas. The designation T(n) is used to characterize a property, where n is the total number of rooms, excluding all other divisions. In addition to this designation, there are other types associated, such as

  • Single floor - term applied to properties that present only one habitable floor;
  • Duplex -Property  that is divided into two floors;
  • Triplex – property divided into three floors;
  • Penthouse - occupation of the top floor of the building;
  • Detached property - property that has no walls attached to other neighboring properties;
  • Townhouse - property built side by side with 2 other adjacente properties – sharing 2 common walls;
  • Semi-detached property - property that shares one side with another property - they share one common wall;
  • Loft - high floor of a building with very few or no interior walls, spacious and with modernist decoration.



The architecture of the property is a factor of subjective nature. Each client has a unique and distinct profile, be it more modernist or more traditional, also reflected in the search for a specific architecture. A more modernist architectural style results, at the outset, in a faster sale of the property.



Solar orientation is extremely important when buying a property and it depends on 3 variables:

- Climate of the region;

- Thermal insulation level of the house;

- Thermal performance of the windows and frames.


Capturing the maximum number of hours of sun exposure can be a decisive factor when choosing a property, with several benefits

- Improved energy consumption - less use of heating or cooling methods in the seasons of the year with higher peak temperatures;


- Energy efficiency certificate - a good energy efficiency certificate contributes positively to the valuation of a property;

- Comfort and health - a house with a better solar orientation favors a higher comfort index and, consequently, can help the health of those who live there;

- Appreciation of the property - if the property has good natural light, it will consequently have a higher market value.



Besides the characteristics already mentioned, other aspects that add value to the property are considered, such as: the existence of a garden or swimming pool, the presence of central heating, garage or parking lot, terrace, elevator, and available finishes and equipment. Another point, which raises the value of the property, and very sought after among foreign buyers, is the existence of sea or mountain views.

The fact is that each property has its specificity and characteristics that make it unique.

What usually happens is that many owners add emotional value to the property, and we understand that it is complicated to price a property that means so much to you. That is why it is important to have the help of a professional who can apply the mentioned criteria and knows the area and the prices applied.








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