Following a new legislation, as from the 1st of December 2013, all owners or their representatives (Real Estate Agencies) will not be legally permitted to promote, marketor publicise their properties without having the Energy Certificate.

The requirement of an energy certificate for all buildings entered into force in January 2009. All buildings either residential and services buildings to be sold or rented after January 2009 must have an Energy Efficiency Certificate.

Following a new legislation, as from the 1st of December 2013, all owners or their representatives (Real Estate Agencies) will not be legally permitted to promote, marketor publicise their properties without having the Energy Certificate.

What is the energy certificate?

The energy certificate quantifies the energy performance of a dwelling or autonomous fraction, attributing an etiquette of energetic performance to the dwelling. The certificate enumerates and describes the measures of improvement of the energy performance it will also allow the realization to improve the energy classification of the dwelling or autonomous fraction. The energy etiquette classifies the dwelling or fractions in a scale of energy classes with an easy reading and interpretation that varies of A+ (bigger efficiency) to G (less efficiency).

The certificate values the constructive solutions and the equipments of heating, cooling and production of hot sanitary waters installed. On basis of the location, involving area, solar exposure and the characteristics of the construction the level of energy is appreciated in order to maintain the dwelling.

What are the fines for not having the Energy Certificate?

Private individuals who do not equip themselves with an Energy Certificate, according to the new law will be subject to fines from 250€ up to €3,740 while agencies could be forced to pay anything from €2,500 to €45,000!

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