Is it worth investing in the real estate sector these days?

Is it worth investing in the real estate sector these days?

In the current economic climate, it is normal to ask ourselves if it is a good time to invest in properties.

The real estate sector, whether it is rising or falling, is still a safe form of investment, as is a constant preference of those who want to invest their savings, either for living or for profit.  After all, the value of the property always tends to increase, since the demand for properties is constantly increasing, and supply has the opposite effect depending on the location of the property, the demand can be even greater.

Taking into account that when investing in a certain area, not only is the property considered, but also the community, schools, and the entire support and lifestyle network that the region offers.

In the case of the Algarve, the benefits are numerous. With a pleasant climate, practically all year round, an extensive Atlantic coast with splendid beaches, strategic access to amenities, tourist spots, security, and a gastronomic reputation  It has to be a privileged location in which to invest, whether to live or rent.

Forbes magazine, for example, chose the Algarve as the best destination to live after Covid. The article highlights points that are common knowledge: the beaches, the high standard of the golf courses, the affordable cost of living, and the stable climate.

The president of the Association of Professionals and Real Estate Mediation Companies of Portugal (APEMIP), Luís Lima quotes “Portuguese real estate continues to be a good safe haven for investments and there is no reason to witness a devaluation of house prices with the exception of those that are already on the market at over speculated values.”

The fact is that we must remain optimistic about the future and not let opportunities pass, but at the same time, we must not forget the current reality and take all necessary measures and care.

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