New lockdown

New lockdown

Since last Friday 15th Jan’ Portugal has gone into lockdown for the second time and the government has decided to increase measures to combat Covid-19. According to the rules established, the activities and establishments which may remain open to the public have been deemed to be those that provide goods or services of prime necessity, this does not include real estate agencies who are now obliged to close their doors to the public.

However, circulation is permitted for acts of legal competence, namely for deeds, promissory contracts, rental contracts, and expert valuation of properties.

The impact of the pandemic on various sectors can be devastating, but the real estate sector continues to resist the current situation. One of the explanations, which is common knowledge, is that the sector is one of the safest to invest in.

Another important consideration being made in these difficult times is that because people are spending more time at home and the space they live in is becoming even more important.  If you are working at home, eventually you need to take a break and a balcony or a garden to relax in becomes more important. So now it’s not just about the investment but also what the house brings in terms of lifestyle and well-being.

All these significant factors motivate Marcela Properties to help and look for a Property that fits your current needs.

Although our offices are closed, we continue to work, receiving enquiries and assisting buyers and owners in this difficult and testing time.

We also ensure that everyone continues to respect preventive measures such as: social distancing, wearing a mask, hand disinfection.

We hope that the measures currently being imposed will bring positive results compared to the current scenario.

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