Portugal -it's the 3rd safest country in the World 2020

Portugal -it's the 3rd safest country in the World 2020

The Global Peace Index finds that the world became more peaceful for the first time in five years, with the average level of country peacefulness improving slightly by 0.09 percent.

Alongside the country’s weather best conditions, Portugal is probably less known for its improving level of safety around. In case you were wondering about buying a house here, you should know that the Global Peace Index just ranked Portugal as the 3rd safest country in the World.

Portugal has been known for its excellent climate. In Algarve the sun shines yearly for about 3,000 hours, not mentioning the warm and pleasant Atlantic breeze you can breathe.

Despite Covid-19 has kept us away from good news, GPI latest report will relieve not only Portugal’s residents but also tourists dreaming (for now) to visit the country – as lockdown measures allow them to do it. 

The Global Peace Index published the 2020 report – updated each year – determining how safe and how dangerous a country is. In total, the report calculated 163 nations using different indicators to evaluate safety and dangers levels in each country. 

The factors used to assess following results include: 

  • Number of internal and external violent conflicts
  • Level of distrust
  • Political instability
  • Potential for terrorist acts
  • Number of homicides
  • Military expenditures as a percentage of GDP

As Europe is proudly showing no decline in safety level, Portugal made huge progress to be ranked third. The country climbed 2 places since 2019, in fact it was in the 5th position beating neighbours Spain and France, respectively ranked at 32nd and 60th place. 

Iceland and New Zealand won the first and second place. Although these countries have no armed police, Portugal security services have progressively increased to dismantle crime rates across the country. In addition, considering Iceland’s isolation from the rest of the world, Portugal is assumed to have the 2nd place in the European framework. 

After the 2008 recession Portugal built a massive economic recovery which dropped the unemployment rate from 17% to 7%. This revival yields further improvement also in terms of retirement rates according to the Annual Global Retirement Index.

This report concludes how the country combines not only a set of perfect living conditions (climate, friendly people, culture..) but also a severe level of security which continues to attract millions of tourists each year. 

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