Sales expectations point to a more stable market.

Sales expectations point to a more stable market.

 A Survey of the Portuguese Real Estate Market highlights that the indicators of real estate activity are improving in the market for buying and selling housing in the Algarve, according to the Rics / Ci PHMS assessment.

Certainly, the impact of economic consequences still influences the development of the market, but everything points to a more balanced trend for the future.


Regarding the latest number of new buyers, inquiries show an improvement compared to the last few months. In relation to this year, the month of June presented a demand of -15%, which is slightly better than the -19% registered in May, but complementarily higher than the -56% registered in April.


The headline net balance for newly agreed sales continue with a similar performance, this represents the least negative reading in the last four months.


For Simon Rubinsohn, Chief Economist at Rics, “Although indicators on economic output across Portugal point to some degree of recovery emerging, the rebound has been fairly limited in relation to the steep declines recorded over March and April. Looking forward, activity is expected to improve further in the second half of the year, but the strength of the recovery will depend on the effectiveness of the lock-down exit strategy and the pick-up in external demand. ”


The results of the research are directed to a panel of real estate agents and promoters of which Marcela Properties is part.

Currently, many of our customers are making virtual visits or getting to know the property through our 360º videos, and some of the sales have taken place through this means, which shows confidence in Marcela Properties services. We believe that adaptation is the keyword for this new reality, and the survey here exposed positive signs of stabilization for the market.


Source:Rics/Ci PHMS

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