Energy certificate: What you need to know

Energy certificate: What you need to know

The certificate measures the energy performance of a property, which means that it evaluates energy efficiency from a scale of A+ (very efficient) to level F (least efficient).

During the analyses, some of the factors are taken into consideration:

- Year of construction;

-Location of the property;

-The type of housing;

-Equipment associated with the production of domestic hot water;

-Equipment associated with air conditioning;

- The parts that surround the space, namely, walls, floors, and roofs, windows. It is checked, for example, if the property is composed of single or double plastered walls, with thermal insulation on the floor, and also how the windows are composed: if they are double-glazed or without metal frames.


In the certificate, it is also shown how much heat the areas surrounding the space lose or gain during summer and winter.

Why request the certificate?

If you want to rent or sell a property, it is mandatory to have this document in hand, otherwise, the property cannot be promoted.

In addition, the technician presents in the report proposals for improving energy performance.

In some situations, the properties are exempt from the certificate, such as in the case of ruins or properties that have a gross area of 50m2 or less, however it is still necessary for the expert to present a declaration of exemption.


How to request the certificate?

Marcela Properties can help you in this process by recommending a technician. However, you also can access the Agência para a Energia (ADENE) portal and consult the authorized technicians.

After the visit to the property, the technician will report to the Sistema Nacional de Certificação Energética e Qualidade do Ar.

Prices can change depending on the typology and the type of the property, whether it is a villa, apartment or commercial building.


Documents required to request the certificate.

Copies are required:


Land Registration Document;

Technical file of the space (if there is information about the climatization equipment);

Tax Registration Document;


The energy certificate has a 10-year duration, and if improvements have been made that leads to an improvement in the energy efficiency, a new certificate must be requested, since the higher the scale, the higher the increase in value added to the property

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