Project Management & Project Supervision

Project Management & Project Supervision

Project Management

 At Marcela Properties you will ­find a complete and personalized service that will accompany you from the purchase of your property until the conclusion of your

investment project. If you want to acquire a land with the purpose of building your dream house / recovering an old house or simply doing a little remodeling/construction, we deal with the entire process, providing you with a one-stop-shop service.

 We assume, with all involved, a position of responsibility over the project and its proper execution, defending the interests and desires of the owner of the project.

Intermeiating between all parties: Architect / Contractor /Subcontractors / Guarantees / Local Council... etc.


Project Supervision

 For a project owner who wants to be more proactive in the course of his project, but who does not have the opportunity to be present, we o‑er the project supervision service. This service implies periodic visits to the site (this can go on weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, etc.), reporting the events with photos and progress reports.

In comparison with Project Management service, this function is merely of visual inspection, not having direct intervention during the works.

It will be up to the owner, according to the information provided by us, to carry out the necessary procedures with the contractor and sub-contractors, as well as all intervening parties.

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