• Sarah Sypris and Joe Delgado

    If you are in the market to buy/sell/anything in between and are unsure of how to navigate the market and with whom, your search ends here. We had the good fortune to be connected with Patrick of Marcela Properties last year, right before the face of the world changed under this terrible pandemic.

    Purchasing land in another country in which you don't speak the language is hard enough without the added stress of global disaster and I cannot imagine better hands to have been in. The level of professionalism, honesty, and genuine drive to help at all steps of the process was astounding. Everyone was accessible and extremely knowledgable. It was so helpful to be able to pop on a call and get extremely clear answers and next steps. When one party would go on vacation, handoff and continued coordination of our purchase was seamless and made the work on our end next to nothing.

    We recommend them highly and exclusively to anyone considering embarking on this type of journey. Between him and Graeme, we understood how the process worked and felt at ease to ask for help and clarification each step of the way. On this note, we would also like to call out our absolutely remarkable solicitor, Dr. Francisco Moreira Braga. To be honest, we were at first hesitant to use a solicitor at the recommendation of the real estate agents we had just met (no fault of their own), as we had been warned this was not in our best interest. However, that is the beauty of Marcela Properties- everything was in our best interest and we are grateful for this! We cannot recommend Francisco highly enough nor say enough good things about him. He made everything absolutely a breeze and consistently went above and beyond to make this process painless and pleasant. Francisco was among many other top-notch recommendations such as currency converting, etc as well (on this note, take every recommendation Patrick gives you- the time and effort he is saving you is awesome! )

    Reflecting on the process, and having worked with a handful of other realtors in the area and beyond, there is no doubt that this group of individuals is absolutely exceptional in conduct and are an absolute pleasure to work with. We truly have only positive things to say about our experience and wish all our business transactions were this easy! We didn't expect business connections to offer such helpful and insightful advice as if we were close friends and are grateful to have had such an exceptional group of individuals in our corner. Many warm thanks to all! 

  • Eric Howden

    I found Isabel to be extremely helpful during this difficult time due to the COVID 19 because we could not be out in Portugal everything was done at arms length. Isabel had to organise a lawyer,then arrange to pack up our belongings from apartment and be there when removal company came to collect boxes. If it had not been for help I do not think sale would have completed.



  • Rose Acres

    I have used Marcela Estate agents on the marina to sell two of my properties. I have always found Isabel and her team to be very professional, approachable and very helpful.  They have shown potential purchasers around, liaised between myself, purchaser and solicitors and have suggested possible compromises suitable to all parties in order to complete a sale.  They were on hand throughout the process and were a great help with the sales documentation and the final completion.

    In addition, Isabel and her team are fluent in English so they have been able to translate and explain to me any Portuguese documentation and the sales process in Portugal. They also assisted with queries either I or my purchaser had even once the sale had been completed and were on hand to help with the transfer of utilities, condominium charges etc.  

    I am now looking for another property on the marina. Isabel understands the type of property I am looking for and I have every confidence that when such a property comes onto the market she will send me the details and contact me.

  • Paul Drummond

    Thank you Andriy.

    The service that you provided was efficient, professional and excellent at all stages of the sales process, in particular your knowledge of the local market and liaising with the purchasers. Thank you for your hard work.


  • Eric and Jennie

    Dear Andriy,

    we think you provided excellent service throughout to process from initial viewing to final completion. We have been involved over the years with many property Agents, having moved many times, and we are agreed you are the best we have had. Your diligence and prompt attention to detail have been much appreciated. 


    With kind regards

  • Christophe and Teresa Jobert

    First I would like to express to you both our deepest gratitude for your kindness and the assistance you have delivered to us in this long and painful transaction.

    We are fully conscious that this support went well beyond what is the standard service given by a real estate company and what you were supposed to do. We thank you very sincerely for that.

    Without your engagement and the trust we have put into you, as individuals and real estate professionals, we would not have pursued this acquisition.

    Be sure that we will not forget such an engagement and that you are now the only agency we will use for any further investment we might make in Lagos. 

    We are very happy that this transaction is now completed.


    With our kindest regards and our sincere thanks.

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